Podcast Episode 34: Filling In Gaps In Your Martial Arts Business Knowledge

how ignorance threatens your martial arts school success

how ignorance threatens your martial arts school successIn this podcast episode, Mike explains why having gaps in your martial arts business knowledge and systems can keep you from achieving your financial goals for your dojo.

And, in the Tip of the Week, Mike provides tips on accelerating your learning in the areas of martial art school management and marketing, and he explains what landing pages are and why you need to be using them to market your school.


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Resources and Products Mentioned In This Podcast Episode:

The Martial Arts Marketing Success System – This Mike’s newly revised and updated Martial Arts Marketing Success System, with 45 new pages added to the manual, two hours of new audio and video, and completely updated strategy and marketing plans for marketing your dojo both online and offline.

Podcast Excerpt

“Okay, so the tip of the week this week – I’m going to give you two tips, and the first on is on closing your knowledge gaps quickly, on accelerating your learning so you can close your knowledge gaps quickly. And, the second one is going to be a quick marketing tip that is going to be a calification of something that I talk about quite often in the Martial Arts Marketing Success System (found at MartialArtsMarketingBook.com ) and that I know has confused some of my MAbizU.com members, based on conversations I’ve had with them in our private Facebook group.

So, I’m going to deal with both of those. And the first thing is, how to accelerate your learning so you close your knowledge gaps quickly, so you catch up with other people very very rapidly. Here’s the thing – there are a lot of different learning methods and ways to learn, but in my opinion the best method is immersion, learning by immersing yourself in a topic completely.

When I finally got serious about learning how to start and run a martial art school, I finally got humble enough to realize that I needed to learn from someone else. That’s when I realized that I needed to get martial arts business information from people outside of the circles I had moved in previously, from people other than the people I had been learning martial arts from before, of which, none of them were successful financially.

At that point I decided to immerse myself completely in the topic of martial arts business. So, here’s what I did – I sacrificed, I made huge sacrifices. I stopped going out on the weekends, because it was costing me money and that was money that I needed to invest in my studio. I curtailed my dating activities for quite some time, for roughly two years, and didn’t really maintain any serious relationships during that time. And, I spent all my time either working at my day jobs, or working at my studio, or working on things for my business and studying business materials…”

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