Podcast Episode 25: Are You Spending Too Much Time With Your Students?

teaching martial arts

teaching martial artsAre you spending too much time with your students? Before you answer that question, you’ll want to listen to this podcast episode.

Many years ago, I was heavily invested in helping my students compete in martial arts competitions at the regional, state, and national levels. This resulted in my spending a good deal of my free time for several years providing my students with additional training and coaching, and it had some very negative unintended consequences on my health, well-being, and personal relationships.

In this podcast, I relate how I ended up dealing with those issues, and what the eventual fallout was with my students. Also, in the Tip of the Week, I give several very important tips for separating your work and personal life that are especially applicable to husband and wife martial art school ownership teams.


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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Podcast Excerpt:

“So, what do we have on the podcast today? Well, today I’m going to be talking with you about whether you may be spending too much time with your students, or rather, giving your students too much of your personal time. Now, this podcast is based on an article, a blog post that I wrote a while back, and I thought it would make a good topic of discussion for this week’s podcast episode…

…so, let’s get on to the main topic of discussion on today’s podcast, which is whether or not you’re giving your martial arts students too much of your (personal) time. So let me talk about why I am covering this topic… with all the packing for moving, I’ve been digging through boxes and throwing stuff away, and finding things that were mementos that I kept from my schools over the years, and I dug up a bunch of medals and pictures that I kept from my first martial arts school…

…it brought back a lot of memories and it got me thinking about this (topic). Now also, this is the time of year when I would be doing a lot of coaching and preparing for martial arts tournaments and coaching my students to compete, back when we were into that. Personally, I was never into competition, but I did a lot of coaching for my students who were.

And, this would be the time of year when we’d be gearing up for tournament season. I’d be spending extra time on Saturdays doing a lot of coaching and spending a lot of my free time on weekends either training students for competition, or traveling to and coaching them at regional, state, and national competitions….”

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