Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 22: Interview With Guro Harley Elmore

martial arts business success teaching jeet kune do and Filipino martial arts

“How Harley Elmore And His Wife Built An Enrollment Of 450 Students… Teaching Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts!”

jeet kune do and kali instructor Harley ElmoreOn this episode of the Martial Arts Business Podcast, Mike interviews Guro Harley Elmore of Warrior’s Way Academy in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Harley has been in the martial arts for nearly twenty years and holds Instructor certification under Bruce Lee’s protégé Dan Inosanto to teach the Filipino Martial Arts as well as Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu.

Surprisingly, Mr. Elmore teaches JKD and Kali to both kids and adults at his school… and even more shockingly, he has over 450 students in his programs (400 of them are children)!

In this interview, he shares several key components of his success, and explains how he grew such a large school while teaching martial arts that most people would consider to be anathema to growing a large school.

Also, in the Tip of the Week, Mike shares some tips on starting a summer karate camp in your dojo.


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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Registration Page for the upcoming Krav level 1 seminar in Austin Feb 5th – 8th

Harley Elmore’s school website

Harley’s Facebook page

Brian Carmody’s Martial Arts Blogging service

Podcast Excerpt:

“Hello everyone out there in the Martial Arts Business Nation and the Small Dojo Big Profits Tribe, this is Mike Massie coming at you once again with another edition of the Martial Arts Business Podcast.

Now, for today’s episode I have a guest on the podcast, Guro Harley Elmore. Harley runs a martial art school called Warrior’s Way Academy in Wichita Falls, TX, and he has a very interesting story. I think you’re going to get a lot out of what Mr. Elmore has to share and say in today’s interview.

I followed him on Facebook for a while, because he teaches some martial arts that I have an interest in, and had observed some of his videos of his students. Then he was brought to my attention again recently by someone who suggested that I interview him for the podcast, based on how successful he is at teaching the martial arts he practices.

I’ll just let you in on the secret – Mr. Elmore teaches jeet kune do and Filipino martial arts in his studio, and the interesting thing is, he mostly teaches kids, as you’ll find out in the interview. He is highly successful at what he does, and he came up the hard way, which I respect and appreciate quite a bit.

And I believe that for those of you who doubt you can teach certain martial arts, certain combative martial arts, to a broader audience… somehow, Mr. Elmore has made it work.”

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